New Happy House Cats Shop Coming Soon

April 19th, 2011 by Louise

Yes I am intending to launch a new shop on the interweb world..

I have a few new products I am hoping to produce and sell including 100% natural chopped catnip, catnip powder, catnip pillows & fish, catnip kicker toys, catnip playmats,  Da-Bird type wand toys & refills and bungee shock cords for leash walking among other things.

Hopefully I will also be able to build up a number of other items for sale including genuine Flexi extending leashes and a range of other cat toys & products.

This website will remain as a front end where news items etc can be posted, and the shop will be put in a sub domain with links to it on this site.

I am not absolutely sure what I will be doing about the PDSA donations at this time, if I turn the site into a business then I need to maximise profits in order to make a living and currently I make very little on the jackets without matching donations, I am not planning on increasing prices so I may stop the donation match and concentrate on providing free goods to the local PDSA shop. I will decide later on after consulting the business advisor and working out profit margins accurately.

Whatever I decide, I will still continue to support the PDSA in one way or another 😉

So, watch out for future announcements as the new shop gets ready to go live 😉

2 Responses to “New Happy House Cats Shop Coming Soon”

  1. Carol & Clive Richards says:

    We are buying a Tonkinese kitten from Lorraine Philips of Lilyput kittens. We understand that she purchased kitten toys from you at the cat show and would be interested in doing likewise. Is it possible to order on line yet? If not could you please e-mail when
    you have your shop available.

    Many thanks

  2. admin says:

    Jackets are available to buy online using this website, the new shop is to permit me to add more toys which I am making and other cat related items..

    Just go to the “Order Jackets” link on the right for now :)