PDSA Donation Error.

May 2nd, 2011 by Louise

I am embarrassed to admit I noticed there was a problem with the donation counter!

I made some changes to the website a while back which broke the code showing donations paid/ due. The system which accounts for donations is now and always has been absolutely fine, it was just the code which displays the donations that was in error so every penny donated is still accounted.

Basically the counter was not showing the Happy House Cats donations just customer donations but it has now been fixed and double checked to make sure it is displaying the correct amount.

I apologise for the error and would just like to assure you that it in no way resulted in the PDSA missing any funds.

One Response to “PDSA Donation Error.”

  1. Marcia M. says:

    Hey, we all make mistakes. You do a fabulous work!! Thanks for all you do, Louise! :)