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September 10th, 2012 by Louise

I am currently working on a new product, a big one this time, Frenzy Cat Wheels!

I do not have a great deal of time free just lately, lots of jacket orders and I am supplying the frenzy range of cat toys wholesale to other pet stores via worldwide distributor so finding free time is becoming quite difficult. However, I have recently found someone who is helping out making some of the frenzy refills which is making a difference.

I tried out a few methods of construction for the wheels which failed miserably, but this weekend I tried plan ‘q’ and it was a success. So next step is to get working on the first prototype which will be tested out by a bunch of  Supernova Bengals under the watchful eye of Linda.

The wheel will be different from most (all?) of the wheels currently available in the UK, despite having a wider running surface than the others it will actually have a much smaller footprint. The actual running surface will be 48 inches diameter (internal dimension) by 15 inches wide and will be carpeted to provide comfort, grip and a bit of soundproofing!

I am also looking to add a trip computer to the wheel which will keep track of the max, average and current speed, total distance, trip distance, total time, trip time etc. As yet I do not know if this will be included with all wheels or available as an optional extra but I am hoping I will be able to include it with all wheels.

The final price has not been established as yet but  I am hoping to make them available at under £300 including UK delivery, that is not a promise but I am doing my best 😉

Watch this space for updates or join my facebook group (link on the right)

2 Responses to “Latest product news – Cat Wheels”

  1. Ken Thomas says:

    Hi, I am desperately trying to buy a wheel for my young Bengal but cannot find one anywhere. Could you tell me please if yours are readily available yet as I noticed the last update was dated Sept 2012.
    I read with interest that your wheels may be ‘carpeted’ but I think I may prefer one with some sort of ‘sandy’ grip or something to help keep her claws trimmed to save me having to constantly clip them?? Would that be possible? Thanks, Ken

  2. Maria says:

    Hi there!!


    I am soo happy to finally see a uk website that is going to make these cat wheels and under 300 like 250 would be fabulous!!!
    They are soooooo expensive everywhere!!!
    I am goignt o like you on facebook so i can see your updates!!!
    I cannot wait sooo exciting!!!
    I love Your name for this website, I have 4 housecats they have everything. I love them soooo much they are my world and my life my everything and I am always looking for something new to keep my fluffiebubbies happie and well <3 😀
    byeee for now Maria and fluffies!!!

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