Cat Wheel Update

October 19th, 2012 by Louise

It has been a steep learning curve but finally making progress.

I have gone through several methods for creating the running surface which have ranged from a failure through to very nearly perfect but not quite. Now I have sourced a material which lets me create a perfectly smooth circular track, despite the material cost being very much higher the improvement in smoothness of the surface is worth me paying more for.

I have also invested a significant amount of money upgrading the tools I have to enable me to make them with a much greater accuracy.

So this is the first wheel glued and clamped up, my apologies for the poor quality of the photo but a dusty workshop is not the greatest environment for my DSLR camera so this was snapped with my phone camera.

The hard work has now been done, so next up is the base unit which I do not anticipate presenting any problems.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon 😉

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  1. Jonathan Lehman says:


    My sister asked me to design and build one of these for her Bengal. Would you mind telling me what material you used for the running surface and its frame? Were you able to purchase materials already formed along a curvature? Is the circle composed of segments, or is it a closed loop? Your feedback would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

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