Walking Jackets

My cat walking jackets are hand made to your cats measurements in a choice of fabrics & colours, you can see the current list of fabrics on the Fabric Choices Page in the shop. They are reversible with a choice of fabric for both the inside and outside of the jacket so you get two jackets in one.

If your cat walking jacket is for a kitten I make them with extra long straps and longer Velcro to maximise the size the jacket will grow to and therefore the life of the jacket, when placing your order make sure to order kitten jacket. Kitten jackets are not suitable for full grown cats, if your cat is full grown (or nearly full grown, 8 months old or more) you should buy adult jackets as the fit will be much better.

If your cat is especially large (or small), such as some hybrids, then please contact me to discuss the matter before ordering. The standard jackets are designed for cats in the ‘normal’ domestic cat size range so for other cats I may need a bit more information in order to customise the design further. Prices will usually be the same unless they are very much bigger than a standard jacket.

Your furkids name, or other text/ custom graphic, can be added to the jacket in a choice of colours to make the jacket even more unique. The name/ graphic will be cut from heat transfer vinyl and can be attached to the side of the jacket , you can choose different text for the inside should you want one jacket for two cats. The examples shown here are Gold Sparkle Vinyl which does not photograph well, in real life the text is a glittering gold colour.

The jackets are very strong and secure using a wide Velcro fixing round the neck and chest of your cat but also comfortable due to the wide flexible straps. The leash attachment is made via a 25mm (1″) welded D ring which is attached with 25mm (1″) extra strong webbing double sewn into the back of the jacket over a 75mm (3″) length and also cross stitched for added security.

The jackets are double stitched throughout, one internal one external, using thread colours matching the fabric as closely as possible.

These jackets are individually hand crafted by myself, unlike some others available they are made to a very high standard. I spend a considerable amount of time making each jacket to ensure they are better than others available but despite the extra time taken I think you will find my prices are actually lower and I do not sneak in extra cost on delivery charges – delivery is charged at cost with no handling/ packaging fees.


The PDSA is a wonderful charity here in the UK which provides veterinary care for animals who’s owners are in receipt of benefits and unable to afford vet fees or insurance, they save the lives and suffering of hundreds of thousands of pets every single year and depend entirely on charitable donations in order to continue the excellent work they do.

Unfortunately the new shop software does not have the facility to take donations, however I still intend to help the PDSA in some way. I will still be making products and donating them to the local PDSA charity shop, and will look into other ways of supporting them once I have everything running smoothly with the new shop


Current prices will now be listed in the shop to prevent having to maintain lists in two places, so for current prices go to the Walking Jackets Listings


My cat walking jackets like others available elsewhere are designed for walking your cat on a leash, they are not fashion accessories and as with ANY type of harness they should ONLY be used under constant supervision. Cat walking jackets like any harness are designed to be extremely difficult if not impossible for your cat to get out of, if your cat is left unsupervised wearing a harness of any kind and gets the harness caught on something they will undoubtedly panic trying to get free and could cause themselves serious harm.

I would suggest that you leave the jacket attached to the leash and only fit the jacket when you are about to walk your cat, then on your return immediately remove the jacket from the cat leaving it attached to the leash.

It is always better to be safe than sorry 😉