What my customers have to say

I try my best to provide a good quality walking jacket and a service to match and judging by the responses I have had I am doing just that.

On this page I will be making my customers comments available for you to see along with any photos that are sent to me.

If you have bought a jacket from me and wish to make your feelings known (good OR bad) to others who are thinking of buying a jacket from me then please feel free to send me an email, if you have any photos you would like to include that would be even better :)

Alternatively you can leave and read customer feedback on the forum

Here are some comments I have received..


Hi Louise,

We just received Jasmine’s jacket – its really REALLY lovely!!!

We are so pleased, and she absolutely adores the catnip cushion!   I couldn’t resist trying her jacket on her, and as she was so busy investigating the catnip she didn’t mind at all!  No back-flips or moonwalking – she seemed quite happy with it!  Thanks SO much.  The lettering is lovely too, and the children and I are in negotiations as to which colour to plump for!

I can’t wait til tomorrow when she’s a bit more acclimatised with it, we might even venture outside with her.

Well done you on such lovely work.

Many thanks,

The Watkins’ & Jasmine x


I’ve just received my Bubba’s jacket , the material both inside and out is absolutely delightful as so very “cheery”, I went for the baby pink twill and Fushcia pink with turquoise spots.

It is beautifully made and an absolutely perfect fit. The velcro is extremely strong and sturdy as is the hook for the lead, it’s a special little item my cat now owns as it was made especially for her :)

Please do not hesitate in ordering as I can assure you that you will find nothing to match this product for quality and price, the making of it and delivery was very speedy too. I will certainly be recommending this site to anyone and everyone : )




Hi Louise,

Just wanted to let you know that the two jackets I ordered have arrived today.

I am so pleased with them, they really are great. Amazing quality and really well made. They fit both my bengals perfectly and look brilliant, I love that they are reversible with two different patterns and personalised as well.

I also am pleased to see that the D ring is really well sewn in so it can’t rip out (had that experience with my last jackets and it was not one I wish to repeat!) and that the neck strap is thinner than the belly one so it’s not so bulky around their necks. And a comment from my husband – the velcro is really good quality and strong!

Best harnesses I’ve ever bought (and that’s a lot!) so I’m a very happy customer and will be back for two more plain ones soon! I’ll send you some photos of them in action as soon as possible.

Thanks again,


By the way, their jackets arrived this morning!! I LOVE them, so cute! Thank you, defo know who to use from now on!



Hi Louise,

Walking Jackets are here !!   and are absolutely fab!

They look gorgeous and we tried them all on and all fit perfectly and they look so scrummy in them,  I will send some photo’s for you soon..  maybe not today as Tofi is at the vets for an op – but soon I promise :) I will let people know too

Thanks so much for a prompt and friendly service



Hi Louise,

The jackets have arrived and we absolutely love them!

Our boys have not yet had the snip snip yet so unfortunately we will be waiting until this is done before we can test-drive them outside.

The white jacket looks perfectly fine to me – in fact I think the work you have done is wonderful. I would not worry about refunding 50% because I’m more than happy with the way it turned out. I see what you mean about the thread but you have to look really close to see it. I think the pictures will hopefully show that it looks great as it is!

The boys were a little ‘weirded-out’ by the jackets of course… they were walking around very lethargic and funny for the first few minutes, but after a while they were playing and bouncing around like normal. The jackets seem to give them a lot of freedom of movement.

I can’t wait until we can parade them around outside! Thank you for your hard work. If the boys ever  grow out of them I will be ordering more in the future. :)


** Comment by Louise: I was not 100% happy with the look of the stitching on Shenlongs jacket, I posted the jacket and offered a 50% discount or complete relacement at Anna’s discretion. As Anna was perfectly happy with the jacket and did not want the discount I donated it to the PDSA. **


Hi Louise,

Just to let you know that I received the jacket on Tuesday and am very pleased with it, thank you!  It fits really well and it didn’t take long for Zazou to get used to it.  I took her out for a stroll around the garden and she seemed very happy.

Thanks again



Hi Louise!

We did receive the jackets, on time I might add, and they are fabulous! I’ve already told a bunch of people who’ve noticed the jackets while we walk our furkids where we got them :) Aleyah is really funny, once she gets hers on she doesn’t want me to take it off 😀

I hope you, Toshi, Spike, and Loula are doing really well.

Take care,


I have 4 of these fabulous Jackets and I find them superior to all other walking jackets I have had before, they are strong, easy to put on and my cats are comfortable in them, the fit is perfect.

I feel my cats are very safe in these jackets, and for anyone who has a Bengal, you know how much they can pull, but I have never had a problem with these fabulous jackets.

The name detail is a big plus, especially if like me you have multiple cats. Great choice of fabrics too and they are also the best priced I have found on the internet.



I am really very pleased indeed with the walking jacket. It is beautifully made, fits well and looks good!

As you can see, Spirit, our 5-month old Burmese has taken to it really well.

I am on Twitter (@turboheeler) and have been enthusing about your jackets. In fact, one person has already asked me for details. And she was wearing it yesterday when we popped into the vets to check if she was big enough to be spayed and the vet commented on the excellent design pointing out that the position of the hook minimised any potential damage if the cat suddenly sprang forward.


First of all trying it out playing on her Cat Cocoon in the garden room…

…then testing it out ‘Gone Fishing’…

…then, with a quick change, posing in the spotty version in the late afternoon sun…

…before venturing out into the big wide world (albeit still firmly attached to a long line).