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Cat Wheel Update

Friday, October 19th, 2012

It has been a steep learning curve but finally making progress.

I have gone through several methods for creating the running surface which have ranged from a failure through to very nearly perfect but not quite. Now I have sourced a material which lets me create a perfectly smooth circular track, despite the material cost being very much higher the improvement in smoothness of the surface is worth me paying more for.

I have also invested a significant amount of money upgrading the tools I have to enable me to make them with a much greater accuracy.

So this is the first wheel glued and clamped up, my apologies for the poor quality of the photo but a dusty workshop is not the greatest environment for my DSLR camera so this was snapped with my phone camera.

The hard work has now been done, so next up is the base unit which I do not anticipate presenting any problems.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon 😉

Latest product news – Cat Wheels

Monday, September 10th, 2012

I am currently working on a new product, a big one this time, Frenzy Cat Wheels!

I do not have a great deal of time free just lately, lots of jacket orders and I am supplying the frenzy range of cat toys wholesale to other pet stores via worldwide distributor so finding free time is becoming quite difficult. However, I have recently found someone who is helping out making some of the frenzy refills which is making a difference.

I tried out a few methods of construction for the wheels which failed miserably, but this weekend I tried plan ‘q’ and it was a success. So next step is to get working on the first prototype which will be tested out by a bunch of  Supernova Bengals under the watchful eye of Linda.

The wheel will be different from most (all?) of the wheels currently available in the UK, despite having a wider running surface than the others it will actually have a much smaller footprint. The actual running surface will be 48 inches diameter (internal dimension) by 15 inches wide and will be carpeted to provide comfort, grip and a bit of soundproofing!

I am also looking to add a trip computer to the wheel which will keep track of the max, average and current speed, total distance, trip distance, total time, trip time etc. As yet I do not know if this will be included with all wheels or available as an optional extra but I am hoping I will be able to include it with all wheels.

The final price has not been established as yet but  I am hoping to make them available at under £300 including UK delivery, that is not a promise but I am doing my best 😉

Watch this space for updates or join my facebook group (link on the right)

My new shop is finally open..

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Yes it has taken a while, but I have finally opened the new webshop!

If you would like to order any of my products including Cat Walking Jackets please nip over to the Happy House Cats Shop

I have a few products available there including quality Da-Bird compatible wands and refills, catnip toys, chopped and powdered catnip.


PDSA Donation Error.

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I am embarrassed to admit I noticed there was a problem with the donation counter!

I made some changes to the website a while back which broke the code showing donations paid/ due. The system which accounts for donations is now and always has been absolutely fine, it was just the code which displays the donations that was in error so every penny donated is still accounted.

Basically the counter was not showing the Happy House Cats donations just customer donations but it has now been fixed and double checked to make sure it is displaying the correct amount.

I apologise for the error and would just like to assure you that it in no way resulted in the PDSA missing any funds.

New Happy House Cats Shop Coming Soon

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Yes I am intending to launch a new shop on the interweb world..

I have a few new products I am hoping to produce and sell including 100% natural chopped catnip, catnip powder, catnip pillows & fish, catnip kicker toys, catnip playmats,  Da-Bird type wand toys & refills and bungee shock cords for leash walking among other things.

Hopefully I will also be able to build up a number of other items for sale including genuine Flexi extending leashes and a range of other cat toys & products.

This website will remain as a front end where news items etc can be posted, and the shop will be put in a sub domain with links to it on this site.

I am not absolutely sure what I will be doing about the PDSA donations at this time, if I turn the site into a business then I need to maximise profits in order to make a living and currently I make very little on the jackets without matching donations, I am not planning on increasing prices so I may stop the donation match and concentrate on providing free goods to the local PDSA shop. I will decide later on after consulting the business advisor and working out profit margins accurately.

Whatever I decide, I will still continue to support the PDSA in one way or another 😉

So, watch out for future announcements as the new shop gets ready to go live 😉

PDSA Donations Paid – 18th Apr 2011

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Just popped into the local PDSA shop today and handed over the latest donations, just £7 but better than nothing 😉

I had a word with the manager and she said the bags of catnip are selling so that is making a bit more, I am also planning to provide some catnip pillows for them to sell but I have been rather busy the last few weeks working on the new shop site and such like but I will get some made soon 😉

PDSA Donations Paid – 23th Mar 2011

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Not much to donate this time, just one jacket donation but thanks to Tracey sending a gift donation at least it was a bit more.

I also took a dozen bags of organic catnip into the shop for them to sell, so hopefully next time there will be a bit more raised (if they sell).

PDSA Donations Paid – 7th Mar 2011

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I had some more donations come in for the PDSA

Someone kindly sent a donation for assistance with a DIY project which was very kind so that boosted the funds a bit more, it may not look like a lot but £14 is making a difference and the staff at the PDSA shop were once again extremely grateful for it.

I noticed from the receipt numbers there have been no other donations receipts issued since the last one two weeks ago, I hope that is just that receipts  are not issued ordinarily – it is quite a poor show if no one had made a donation!

I am going to make up some bags of catnip and drop them in at the shop for them to sell, I am not sure if I should add that to the PDSA records here as it is not strictly donations by customers but it would be assistance from Happy House Cats. If anyone has any thoughts on that please leave a comment or drop me a line using the contact us page 😉

As always, click the picture for a larger view.

PDSA Donations Paid – 21st Feb 2011

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I have decided to post in the News page when I make payments to the PDSA so that everyone can see that payments are being made. Unfortunately the receipts for the first two payments I made has vanished down a worm hole in time & space so you will have to trust me that the first £30 was actually paid.

Anyway, I called in at the local PDSA shop in Paisley today to make a payment of outstanding PDSA donations totalling £50.

The staff at the PDSA shop were absolutely overjoyed and asked me to thank everyone who donated.

During these troubled times the PDSA is under greater strain with more clients seeking help and declining donations, so a huge thank you to everyone who donated from the both the PDSA and myself.

To date, thanks to the generosity of Happy House Cats customers, we have raised a total of £80, which has maybe meant the difference between life and death for some poor pets out there :)

The attached picture is a scan of the receipt for the donation, click the picture for a larger view.